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The Warthogs Store is open NOW until March 6, 2017.  Click on the Tribal West logo on the lower right side of the home page and use code 6JBKH to enter and order you gear!

by posted 02/19/2017
Need a new stick???

Thinking about getting a new stick for your player?  We know that Lacrosse equipment can be expensive and one of the most important pieces a player can have is their stick, which can run over $200 for some.  If your budget is tight, consider Tribe7 Lacrosse as an option (see links page or logo on home page).  Tribe7 Lacrosse makes their own heads and you can get a complete stick for between $75 and $110 (depending on shaft and mesh options).  

Personally (coach Vince Palumbo) I would avoid the Ghost head as it's really designed for a face-off specialist and isn't ideal for youth players.  I have a Sting with the spider mesh and their graphite gorilla shaft, a great value for the price ($100).

Another great option is Play-it-Again Sports.  You can get used sticks for a great value and adjusting or re-stringing a pocket really isn't that expensive; there may even be some past Warthog players that would re-string a pocket for a great price....


by posted 12/28/2016
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